Turkey Burger with Sweet Potato Fries

Organic turkey patties. Of course we could have made our own patties, but we did it on a Sunday and quite frankly, Orlando cooks every day and sometimes likes to take some shortcuts. What’s nice about those patties is that its a “single ingredient” item as we heavily promote. The ingredients are turkey and sea salt. None of those words we can’t pronounce!

Sargento swiss cheese. we’ve read it is the least processed of all the packaged cheeses….not sure how accurate this is. Need to research more and keep you posted! But we do the best we can with the information we have at hand. We understand that better options will come along and more knowledge may make us reevaluate some of our decisions at times…but that’s what this journey is all about!

Mushrooms and Onions. We’re simple burger kind of people. So piling on the greens becomes difficult in a situation like this because we want to enjoy the simplicity of a burger. But in an effort to include some veggies, we chose mushrooms which have anti-cancerous properties and onions. They are good for you and tasty and in our opinion work perfectly in  a burger.

Bacon. Oh yes we did. We used BACON! Some may ask why we didn’t use turkey bacon. Our research has shown us that turkey bacon really isn’t much better for us than regular bacon. In fact, regular bacon has more protein that turkey bacon, yet turkey bacon has high sodium and nitrates just like pork bacon that is equally as bad for you. The bottom line is that neither regular or turkey bacon should ever make its way into your daily diet. But if we’re going to cheat, we’ll use what we like best. We chopped up 3 slices of bacon for 6 burgers so as not to use excess.

Ezekiel Bun. Toasted I found that these buns were delicious but a little hard and dry. They definitely needed some ketchup or bbq sauce and Orlando and I took off the bottom bun and only had one slice with our burger. I don’t like thick burgers and that bun is pretty thick. I thought the one bun was perfect and my burger was delicious. And to our benefit, we had less carbs since we took off that bottom bun so I guess that was an added bonus.

Sweet Potato Fries. This was another item that we opted for convenience. It would’ve been better to make homemade sweet potato fries but sometimes you just want to be lazy. Of course they were baked and not fried, and it was the first time I’ve had any kind of fries in over a year!

Healthy Alternative to a good ole’ burger and fries

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