Green Smoothies

There are a series of different green smoothies that you can make depending on the ingredients you have at home. Here you can find smoothies that my family has tried and loved and you can add or subtract any ingredients you want. More than a recipe, this is a guide of the kinds of foods that you can combine into a delicious smoothie.


Romaine lettuce


Collard Greens (1 whole leaf)
Romaine lettuce (4 hearts)
2 mini bananas 
1 mango

Note: I actually did this smoothie for the kids for dinner one night. We had spent the whole weekend in the beach with our family, and let’s face it, they got away with murder. They got ice cream, pasta, breads and pancakes. Too much of everything I don’t want them to eat, but not enough of everything I do! I can’t undo what already happened so looking forward, I decided that from the moment we left there, they would have nothing else but fruits and veggies until the next day. Now they’re babies and you have to play smart. I knew they were on a sugar rush and naturally would crave something sweet. Hence, this smoothie. I put lots of greens but made sure to add the banana and mango for sweetness. I gave them the smoothie for dinner because I know they love smoothies and I wanted to aid their digestion. Their bodies wouldn’t have to work so hard to digest that smoothie because it was liquid, so it would be easier to digest all the other stuff they had.

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