Matters of the heart

It has been 73 days since I last posted on my blog. In the world of blogging, that is an eternity. As Michael Hyatt might say, I took my sails down for a while. That has not been an intentional act but rather a reaction to the whirlwind I have been living in. For years I lived knowing my father was very sick. I knew this because of what his medical reports said and because of the treatments and surgeries he had…but not because he appeared sick. Quite the contrary! He was the healthiest sick guy I had ever known. His disease never prevented him from doing little things like traveling the world, paying tennis, speaking, and writing bestselling books. And since he didn’t want to stop doing these things (or stop getting booked for his gigs) he chose to keep his disease private. This decision carried its consequences for him…and for me. There were many lessons I learned from him along the way. My lifestyle change came about because of him…and so did my blog…but my “why’s” were kept quiet for a very long time. And then his disease caught up to him. As of January 27, my dad underwent a surgery that marked the beginning of his ultimate decline. From January to June 11, I stood by his side… Loving him, caring for him and learning from him…but this too, I did privately. I wanted to share with you struggles I had with food during that time, observations I made, and anything else I was feeling. I had lots and lots of emotions.  But I couldn’t do that. So I didn’t post anything.

Until now.

My father’s journey on this earth expired on June 11, 2015. His passing is a MAJOR event in my life, as he was and will always be, my soul mate. This all-consuming affair inevitably has caused a stir in me…anger, sadness, awareness, reflection, joy, gratefulness…a full blown tornado erupting in my soul. But as it is known, after the storm comes the calm. A new me is born and my journey continues.

And thus, today I open myself up again to this blog. To share about me, about family, about health, about love, and about wellness.

Life is an amazing journey, and I truly hope you join me along for the ride.