Coconut Nectar – sweet but safe?

With this “anti-sugar” and “high-fructose corn syrup” movement, we are all looking for viable replacements that give us that sugar happiness.

Let’s face it…people like sweet stuff. The sugar replacements or alternatives are abound

  1. sugar
  2. agave
  3. honey
  4. hfcs
  5. evaporated cane juice
  6. organic sugar
  7. splenda
  8. nutrisweet
  9. equal
  10. stevia
  11. truvia
  12. maple syrup

The list is extensive. And really whether artificial or from a tree…the desired result is the same…make our food sweeter! The problem is that a lot of these sugar equivalents are no good from a health perspective and really should not act as a substitute.

Well, a good friend of mine, Rosana, who lives in Nevada, recently recommended COCONUT NECTAR.

I’ve been using Stevia and am happy with it so I didn’t go out of my way to find it…but the other day I was SHOCKED when I walked past an aisle in Winn Dixie and actually saw the product!  There it was in front of my face, Organic Coconut Sugar. I had to buy it!!!  I tasted it and was impressed at how delicious it is. I know some people hate stevia. I don’t. But for those who do this might be a good option.

I looked up some of the health benefits of coconut sugar and found the following:

Coconut nectar is taken from the flowers of a coconut tree. In my opinion, the highlights are that it is:


I can’t say that it is better, or even as good as Stevia. I have to inquire a little bit more on that point. But it seems to be a “healthier”alternative to other sweeteners and good for people who are struggling with their sugar addiction.

That being said, I have to emphasize that I believe the first step to a healthy lifestyle is to curb this sugar addiction that we all have. Our focus should be in moving AWAY from sugar…not only finding a substitute for it. So, although I am happy to report that there is a healthier sugar you can use…I can’t stress enough that this substance should be used in moderation and with caution.

And whenever you can…skip the sweets and PILE ON THE GREENS!

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