Packing kids’ lunch for schools – a challenge in my life!

I have to confess that I feel like i’m failing miserably at giving my children a balanced lunch when they go to school. I like giving them things like Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches on  Ezekiel bread because it doesn’t have to be warmed and its easy for them to eat.

But I recently was told at the school that we are not allowed to bring peanut butter and jelly for the boys because other kids may have peanut allergies. Since the kids are always putting other people’s stuff in their mouth, they could easily take a bite out of my kids’ sandwich and the school has a problem.

So no PB&J for me. My next step was to give apple slices, yogurts, granola, raisins…etc. That’s fine but I’ve also come to realize that that is pretty much what they’re eating for snack before lunch. Most parents are bringing yogurts and cheeses and fruit slices for snacks for the kids to eat, as well as the sweet treats.

So now i’m evaluating and thinking my kids are only eating vegetables in the smoothies I make in the mornings (and that’s not every single day) and at night with dinner. I’m not sure that is enough. Maybe it is.

So yesterday I was talking to my dear friend Jeannis who just put her little boy in school and she was telling me all the stuff she’s packing her kid for lunch, and I have to confess I was impressed and a little jealous!!!! I didn’t know how she could pack these elaborate meals for her kid to eat without everything getting cold.  Turns out she has bought a series of coolers, ice packs, and things that keep the lunch cold or hot. TOOLS! That’s what I was missing in my equation. If I have the proper place to store the cabbage soup, I would be more likely to pack it for the boys than I am now.

So I have asked her to email the items she purchased, and as soon as I find out about them I’ll share them with you moms.

This is the thing about kids…every time you think you have a system, something changes and you are left finding new ways to adjust. It can be overwhelming sometimes but that is why it is so important to continue to explore within your community, because there is always someone who has a better system than you do…all you need to do is learn about it!

Will keep you posted! If any of you have good lunch ideas to share on this page, we would all greatly appreciate your comments!


3 thoughts on “Packing kids’ lunch for schools – a challenge in my life!

  1. I hear your pain!!! A thermos is crucial. Keeps all the leftovers warm until school lunch. So far no complaining from mine about the food being cold. Her school is peanut free, so I pack lots of fruit cut up…apples, pears, grapes for snack. She likes carrots, cucumbers with a dip. I have lots of tools for her lunch box. Containers with thin ice packets that snap in. Yes, I spent money on getting all the lunch box gear but it’s well worth it. The teachers have even commented on how well she eats…no chips in her bag 🙂

  2. There is a lunchbox my students use that keep things fridge cold called thermopack…the actual luncbox isnt cute but it will keep anything cold. Even until the end of the day. At 2 pm for snack time I have opened cold string cheese for my monsters!!!!
    Also…brandon has enjoyed warm soup for lunch thanks to a lightning mcqueen thermos he loves. Just remember clean up time can result in ur little independent boy to accidentally throw it away. I suggest buying two of everything….one might not come back!!!

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