This has been an incredibly difficult week for my husband and I. Unfortunately we have witnessed the inexplicable passing of a beautiful  2 year old little girl. As relationships blossom through the years, friends become like family and their kids become a part of you…and to lose a child of a friend feels like a loss of your own.

Being privy to this event made me feel like I simply couldn’t post on my blog. I write about food. Healthy eating. Healthy lifestyle. At a time like this,I thought I had nothing to write about. But something changed. Yesterday we all united in Church to celebrate the life of this little girl. As I sat there listening to her mother and father speak I was blown away by their strength, their dignity, their courage during these tragic moments. They gave me peace. What????

The parents of this little girl, the people who are most affected by this event, are the ones offering me peace? It is because they have inner strength. They are spiritually and emotionally strong individually and as a couple.  THAT is something worth sharing.

The truth is that if you really break it down…we don’t know when our time will come to leave this Earth. Eating healthy does not guarantee the full ride. Regardless of your lifestyle, no one is immune from pain. People get sick, people have accidents, things happen… we all die.  We simply don’t know what cross we will bear. Some lives are more difficult than others. There is truth to the saying “when you think you’re going through the worst thing in the world, there is someone else who has it worse than you.”

So now that our dear friends have lost their little one as a result of a pool drowning… the community instinctively draws their loved ones near. You hear cautious voices…”put the floaties on your kids,” “you can’t lose sight on the kids for a minute,” “we have to be so careful” and it doesn’t end there…people want to protect their children and grandchildren so much that after a loss like this one you almost want to err on the side of ridiculous just to be safe. But the truth is that even with the extra precautions, with the fear, with the hope of protecting your loved ones, accidents will continue to happen. Life will continue to happen. Fear of life will not save you. And the only thing we can do is to have spiritual and emotional strength….like my dear friends have…to deal with the pain.

It is that strength that you need to enjoy the good times when you have them, and bear with the bad times when they arrive.

I can’t imagine going through what my friends are going through. I can’t imagine dealing with their pain, especially considering how hard this has been for me. But I have learned from them. I have seen their faith and I am confident they will get through this and feel happiness again. I have a true admiration for them and their family.

So for today my friends, I propose that if you want to be healthy, begin from within. In order for a healthy diet to mean anything at all, your mind and your soul needs to be healthy also. Seek inner health. It doesn’t really matter what your belief system is, but have a belief system of your own and nourish it. Laugh, listen to music, focus on happy thoughts. Be good to yourself. Value your self and your being. Surround yourself with people that make you better. Be grateful. Be good to others. Meditate. Pray. Breathe.

Never stop sharpening your spiritual and emotional being…because only then will you achieve true health.

15 thoughts on “Strength

  1. Caro, I am sorry about this loss. I’ve been meaning to call you as I learned about the closeness of your friendship with the family. After reading your writing, all I can say is that, I am speechless and have no words. Incredible writing on your part and incredibly inspirational. Thanks!

  2. Que bello Caro, que bueno que tus amigos estén sintiendo paz ante tan inmensa tragedia. Sólo la fé y el enfoque en las cosas buenas de la vida nos hacen recuperarnos de tan fuertes golpes que nos da la vida… Yo aún estoy tratando de recuperar esa paz y tranquilidad que perdí con la muerte de mi hermano, pero el apoyo de amigos y familiares me hacen más fuerte y se que algún día podré resignarme y aceptarlo como lo han hecho tus amigos. Dios bendiga a esa familia y a la tuya. Gracias por tu apoyo y por estar conmigo en el peor momento de mi vida! I ❤ U

    • Mi querida amiga. Hemos tenido unos momentos negros en estos meses. Cuando se nos fue tu hermanito yo no encontraba manera de escribir en este blog ni entender porque paso. Ayer aprendí un poco más de la vida. Yo se que tu vas a superar este dolor porque eres fuerte y una bella persona. Sabes que te quiero tanto. Tus sobrinitos te adoran y te necesitan. Sigue adelante que tienes un angelito que te esta cuidando y te quiere ver feliz.

  3. Very well said my friend. I wish to have a healthier inner strength. Thank you once again for your blog! You help inspire us to be better people with your powerful messages.

  4. My Caro,,this is just a great blog. So clear, so concise, to the point and so helpfulfor so many. It has been a bad week for me too. I have seen your and Orlando’s suffering and Imcan only imagine what Alain and Betsy have gone through. Sitting there at church, I was impressed at their strength and their composure. They are to be admired and I think that out of this experience they will be in a position to help others that are not as strong as they are. Love you Dad

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