There is Sugar everywhere!!!!!

I can truly sympathize with people trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss during the holiday season. There is sugar everywhere!!!!! Holiday parties, dinners, lunches….there doesn’t seem to be enough time for routine or consistency and we find ourselves making exceptions on more than just fearless fridays. It is happening in our family also and I can’t stand it. I find myself making exceptions ALL the time lately. I find one of the things making it more difficult for me right now is how much pressure i’m under. I’ve got a baby coming in February, a trip planned for new years, a nursery to decorate, christmas around the corner, tons of work to do, and today is my son’s birthday. All these things piled up make it very difficult to keep up with our lifestyle.  But we are not throwing in the towel friends. We are regrouping and getting in focus to start a strong, healthy 2013. And like my husband told me yesterday, he started 2012 with 50lbs to lose and he is closing 2012 with that weight lost. Now his goals for 2013 will be about staying healthy and fine tuning the lifestyle and maintaining his weight and even body building. He can worry about those things now…and that is a great place to be. So in the meantime we are going into survival mode and concentrating on keeping a balance during these trying holiday times, so we can stay neutral instead of shifting into reverse gear!

Later this week I’ll post some of our survival tips. If you feel you’re managing the holiday season well, please write to us and give us your tips. We have to keep the support going in our little community!!! We look forward to hearing from you!

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