Today is a New Day

As I sit here on the last day before the close of 2014, I think of all the resolutions we make for ourselves right before the start of a new year. Lose weight, stop smoking, be more organized, make more money, start exercising, spend more time with the family, travel more, complain less, eat healthier…the list goes on and on.

Every year resolutions are made and eventually broken. Sometimes you hear someone say “I don’t make resolutions because resolutions are never kept” or you read somewhere not to make a resolution, but to set a goal – short term or long term. The truth is that whether you are making them or not making them or calling them a different name, the beginning of a new year makes you think about what you could do differently or what really worked for you this year. Deep down inside the start of a new year always, even subtly, gives the promise of a new beginning…in some way or other.

I, personally, love fresh starts. I love resolutions. I love goals. Why? because whether I succeed or fail at any specific resolution or goal, I am always seeking a better future.

As I reflect, I decided to propose to you one particular goal for 2015:

Don’t only focus on the year…focus on each and every day…and focus on this very moment in time. 

View every day in 2015 as a fresh start to fulfill your goals. Every day we have on this Earth is a gift. And as long as we are alive we have a choice. We have a choice to eat better, exercise, laugh more, love more, complain less, say no to our vices or addictions, be more grateful, focus on the good, let things go, help others in need. There is always a choice. We also have the choice to write the first chapter in that book we’ve been wanting to write, or work on that business idea we’ve had for years.

And even if today was a bad day; even if we made poor choices today, or are paying consequences for bad choices we made yesterday, we have the choice to make a new beginning. We don’t ever have to wait to make that choice.  So it doesn’t matter if tomorrow is January 1st or any other day in the year.

Is there something you can do this minute to make your life better? Maybe its calling someone you love that you haven’t spoken to in a while, or sitting down with your kids to do a puzzle. Maybe its going the extra mile for your client, or choosing a healthy lunch option (even if breakfast was a disaster). Maybe you don’t have a gym but you can take a walk around the neighborhood, or choose not to curse at the driver who just cut you off. Maybe all you need to do right now is turn off the tv or social media and write a list of the things you want for your life. Don’t wait until tomorrow to make a commitment to yourself.

I propose you take a deep breath and make a choice this minute. Every minute counts, every day counts, and every year counts.

May health, happiness and prosperity be present in your life this 2015.

5 thoughts on “Today is a New Day

    • Awesome post Caro! Daily or short-term resolutions are more attainable, concrete, and realistic. A daily fresh start will ultimately improve your odds of success and renew your will to attain the goals you set.

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